The Power Of Moderation

For people who may be classified as addicts, unless you have the need to go to rehab, which is typically only in the case of drug addicts, or in very rare cases otherwise, you still need to find a way to curb your addiction and become a better person in the long run. While rehab is obviously the most extreme of extreme cases, there are still legitimate ways to find relief in your life and improve yourself without going to such extreme measures. Today we want to discuss a theme that is fundamental in getting self-help from your addiction, and that is moderation.

Most people are well aware of what moderation is. It involves avoid extremes in your life, on both ends of the spectrum. The classic example is when it comes to eating sweets – the idea of moderation in this case is to not just eat too much sweets since doing so can have a negative impact on your health, but also to not completely eliminate sweets from your diet completely, since doing so would deprive you of something truly enjoyable. Such a mindset helps ensure you get the best of both worlds, and results in the best outcome for you from all aspects.

Although the reasoning when it comes to addiction may be slightly different, the end conclusion is the same, and that is that moderation can do nothing but good for you. Obviously having too much of your addictive tendencies is something we want to avoid, for the same reason that we would want to avoid sweets, in that it is a destructive behavior overall. But on the other end of the spectrum, it is not always the case that we are specifically trying to not eliminate the addictive behavior completely specifically because there is some inherent good involved with partaking in that activity. This is most obvious when it comes to drugs, since no drugs is obviously the most ideal case for any healthy person. Rather, the need for moderation when it comes to addiction has more to do with the fact that it is the only effective way to truly lessen your addictive behaviors naturally without risk of falling into withdrawal. Cutting off your addiction cold turkey is almost impossible through natural means, and trying such a method is more likely to make things worse for you once you do likely suffer withdrawals.

With moderation, you can slowly but surely limit your exposure to your addictive tendencies, giving you a clear path to remission. Rather than trying to eliminate your addiction completely, moderation allows you to admit that you are truly addicted, but want to get better. Over time, you can focus on indulging on your addictions less and less, and most importantly, you can do so at your own pace. By taking a moderate approach to whatever your own person addiction may be, you are much more likely to succeed in decreasing your addictive tendencies and find relief and ultimately remission.