The AA Approach

Although not the most well-known form of addiction, being addicted to alcohol is something that many people recognize through the term “AA”. For those who don’t know what that is, AA refers to Alcoholics Anonymous, a place where alcoholics can meet and discuss their addiction, with the ultimate goal of achieving remission with the help of people going through similar issues themselves.

And while the approach was made famous for alcoholism in particular, numerous other groups have surfaced that work on other forms of addiction as well. And they all do a really effective job of getting people the help that they need, which is why we want to discuss what we call “the AA approach” in more detail, and not just how it pertains to people addicted to alcohol, but to people addicted to just about anything.

The biggest draw to AA is the fact that you are totally anonymous when you enter the meeting. Many times people are too afraid to admit that they are wrong to close family and friends, and without this aspect of AA, many people would surely not even be willing to admit their own shortcomings, which is the first step to making an improvement in their lives. Having a group of people who are effectively strangers makes admission and everything else beyond that point much more doable for addicts.

AA also works well because it brings together people who are all suffering from the same addiction. In this way, you are not only able to confide in one another honestly and openly, but you also are able to share tips and tricks to help get you through your own personal trials. These tidbits of information are invaluable coming from people who are living through the same struggles as you are, and in all honesty are things that you simply cannot learn any other way.

And last but not least, the AA approach finds so much success due to the fact that attendance is not mandatory. Although this can be true for a lot of other rehabilitation methods, the AA approach has the lowest level of obligation of all of the methods out there. If you aren’t able to show up to a meeting, for whatever reason, it isn’t anyone’s business but your own, and you do not have to feel like you’ve let anyone down. You show up if and when you are ready to start improving yourself, even if you have gone through numerous withdrawals in the past. In essence, the AA approach is one that waits for you to embrace it, rather than one that pressures you to take part in it.

So if you are looking for a unique yet effective approach towards handling your addiction, looking for meetings that mimic the original AA approach may be the answer you are looking for. The approach is a tried-and-true method that has found great success in the past, and very well could prove successful for you too!