Common Forms Of Addiction

Addiction takes on many forms, but there is no denying that some forms of addiction are much more common than others. For those who many not be as well-versed in addiction in general, we’ve compiled this list of the most common forms of addiction, in large part to help give some perspective on just how pervasive addiction truly is in today’s society. Odds are that you know of at least one person who falls under one of these categories of addiction in your own life.


The most common form of addiction, drugs are also the most talked about not only because of how many different types of drug addiction that there are, but also because of the immediate health risks that are directly associated with such addictive behaviors. More so than any other form of addiction, being addicted to drugs often leads to death if not treated in time. Another reason that this form of addiction is so often talked about is because the substances itself is not something that most everyday people regularly associate with, placing greater emphasis on the substances in general.


Unlike drugs, this substance is definitely something that most people have partaken in, at least a few times in their life. However, there is a very simply slope to becoming an alcoholic, and the reason for this slippery slope is the fact that alcohol is actually accepted by society as a viable substance (unlike drugs). However, people who are emotionally unstable often turn to alcohol and what starts out as an enjoyable pastime ultimately turns into an addiction that takes on a life of its own.


Most of us admittedly love sex, but for some people, sex is the only thing they can ever think about. And sex doesn’t just mean actual sexual intercourse either – Women for example often indulge in using sex toys to supplement sex, but there are many cases where women truly become addicted and will literally stay at home all day to get their quick and easy release through the use of such toys. Whether they are addicted to the real thing or addicted to sex toys, their addiction will inevitably cause varying degrees of problems in their romantic relationships and overall emotional health.

Junk Food

With so much of the country being considered clinically obese, there is no doubt that addiction to junk food is a direct culprit in many of these cases. Although we often think of food in rosier terms due to the fact that food is considered a necessity for life, the reality is that overindulging on food is addiction all the same, and one that can lead to very serious health problems that go well beyond just the extra pounds on the scale.

Despite this relatively short list, the fact of the matter is that there are plenty of other forms of addiction out there that go beyond these common categories. The good news though is that addiction can be treated, and thankfully can be treated in a variety of ways depending on the type and severity of the addiction in question. In any case, hopefully we’ve made it clear that addiction is no laughing matter, and is something that absolutely needs to be approached with the utmost level of seriousness.