A Candid Definition Of Addiction

When one thinks of addiction, they often immediately jump to thoughts of being addicted to drugs, lying in the streets homeless since they spend only on drugs and nothing else. They may have numerous health problems, both visible and invisible to the naked eye, but all of them are due to their inherent addiction to drugs that they just can’t seem to shake, no matter how many times they try to rehabilitate themselves.

While this is definitely a legitimate form of addiction, and admittedly one of the most obvious examples of such, it isn’t the only form of addiction. In fact, although some may not be as common as the rest, just about anything can be classified as an addiction depending on the person in question. Because of this simple fact, it is important to understand what addiction really means on a broader basis before going any further into how to solve such forms of addiction.

From a purely academic standpoint, addiction simply means being dependent on something. As stated previously, this can literally be anything and everything depending on the person in question, although there are plenty of common forms of addiction that most are well aware of. But when you really get down to the nitty gritty, the real definition of addiction comes down to the level of dependency that you are on, with whatever you are reportedly addicted to.

When you are truly addicted to something, rarely does a minute go by in which you aren’t thinking about your own respective vice. It becomes the center of your life, for better or for worse, and ultimately dictates what decisions you make in your life. In our above example, the need for drugs effectively dictates that a drug addict spends all of their money on drugs, even though that is objectively not a good thing to do. In short, being addicted to something determines the way your life, and one could even argue that once you are addicted, you have almost little say in the matter (even though your decisions may appear to be on the surface as your own choices).

Addiction is no laughing matter, and what people need to realize most of all is that even though you may not be addicted to drugs, or addicted to alcohol, you may very well still be addicted to something else in your life. If that is the case, the first thing you need to do is realize what that thing is, and more importantly, figure out if your addiction is good for you or bad for you. If it is the latter case, then steps must be taken immediately to curb your addiction and help you get back to living your very best life, free from such problematic vices.